What does Ketamine treat?


Treating depression, anxiety, and providing pain therapy.

As a stand alone therapy, studies have shown that Ketamine reduces depression in 72% of people who have tried it therapeutically. This number is remarkable as most of the current medications have at best a 55% success rate, And over time many patients report a diminished effect and so have to switch medications or add something else. The current studies followed patients out as far as 80 days and many were still depression free after a standard three week course of therapy. The addition of a clinical psychologist should make those numbers even better and studies are now underway to document that. We are submitting information to Vanderbilt University so they can assemble documentation of the improved outcome and to press for FDA approval so that insurances will cover it as it is currently an off label use. We are one of only a few clininc incorporating this dual therapy and the only one in the Murfreesboro area.


Because of the dissociative effects of Ketamine it allows the patient to remove themselves from the feeling of anxiety and gives them the opportunity to discuss those things that cause them anxiety and give them better solutions to prevent these triggers to cause them to be anxious. Because we work as a team with a clinical psychologist the outcomes are better that just the medication or just therapy. And the results are for most people much more rapid than either therapy by itself.


While this is not a pain clinic and we will not be treating chronic pain, it has been reported that those who are treated for depression also report an improvement in their pain levels. Pain is certainly known to cause depression so this may be a small side benefit or treating depression with Ketamine.

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