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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious psychiatric condition that can affect every aspect of your life. No single treatment works for all those suffering from PTSD. At Health and Happiness in the Boro, Scott Giles, DO, and the compassionate team provide innovative therapies for PTSD, including ketamine infusion therapy. To get relief from your PTSD symptoms, call the office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, or request an appointment online today.


What is PTSD?

PTSD is a psychiatric condition that develops after you experience a traumatic or life-threatening event. Many people have difficulty coping after a traumatic event. However, with good self-care and support, most people get better.

For others, their fear, anxiety, hyperarousal, and feelings of guilt and shame surrounding the trauma worsen and interfere with their day-to-day activities.

Though PTSD is often associated with combat veterans, any traumatic event can lead to PTSD, such as a natural disaster, accident, or physical or sexual assault. You may even experience PTSD after the loss of a loved one. 

What are PTSD symptoms?

PTSD symptoms usually appear within three months of the life-altering event. However, some people may not exhibit PTSD symptoms until years later.

PTSD symptoms are grouped into four categories:

Intrusive thoughts

Nightmares and flashbacks are examples of intrusive thoughts. 


With avoidance symptoms, you may go out of your way to eliminate contact with anything or anyone that reminds you of your traumatic experience. 

Arousal symptoms

PTSD arousal symptoms may include always feeling on guard, being easily startled, or having difficulty concentrating. 

Negative thinking and mood

PTSD can also affect your mood and how you feel about yourself, causing depression, anxiety, guilt, or shame. 

What happens during a PTSD consultation?

The experienced team at Health and Happiness in the Boro specializes in managing psychiatric conditions like PTSD. 

When you come in for a consultation, they ask detailed questions about your symptoms, medical and mental health history, and the types of therapies you’ve tried to alleviate your symptoms.

The team at Health and Happiness in the Boro collaborates with you to develop an individualized integration and self-care plan that helps you get the symptom relief you need, as well as the balance in your life that you want. 

Your plan may include ketamine infusion therapy, psychotherapy, and prescription medications to manage other symptoms such as depression or anxiety. 

What can I expect with ketamine infusion therapy for my PTSD?

The team reviews the details of your ketamine infusion therapy at your consultation so you know what to expect. Your therapy is conducted at the office under close supervision.

Though you may experience an immediate improvement in symptoms, maximum results typically occur over days or weeks. The team at Health and Happiness in the Boro works closely with you during your ketamine infusion therapy, helping you implement your self-care plan. 

How does ketamine infusion therapy help PTSD?

Ketamine infusion therapy helps your PTSD by altering neural activity. The medication binds with various receptors in your brain, including N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA), and stimulates the release of a substance called G peptide that boosts your mood.

Ketamine infusion therapy also helps your brain reorganize itself and create new neural connections that support your psychotherapy and self-care plan. 

Ketamine infusion therapy at Health and Happiness in the Boro can provide the relief you need from your PTSD symptoms to improve the effectiveness of your other therapies. To schedule a consultation, call the office or request an appointment online today.